Whether it’s an urban jungle gym or sweeping mountain ranges, it’s no secret that time in nature has benefits for the mind, body, and community you live in. Here are the four main benefits of parks within a community.

Cohesive Communities

Parks give communities a space to socialise, building the cohesion of a neighbourhood. As well as providing residents with a place to interact and meet new people, parks make great venues for events and recreational activities. Whether it’s a picnic or a farmer’s market, a park is a blank slate shaped by the people gathering in it.

Social capital is formed by interpersonal relationships and the resulting networks of support; when communities interact, these friendships form the basis of a community. Individuals and separate families bond together into a collective, bridging generations across many different lifestyles and backgrounds. Communities such as Hillstowe are planned around open, green space and have a small-town ambience with a connected, tight-knit feel.


Environmental Conservation

The need for parks in a community doesn’t just benefit an area’s human residents. Public parks add to the local ecosystem, giving the local flora and fauna a habitat while drawing other wildlife in. By preserving the home of these animals, it allows a community to live in unison with the natural world, rather than in opposition to it. For a community’s younger inhabitants, parklands bring the opportunity to learn about preservation, as well as promoting a community-wide interest in conservation. 

Communities with parks as a key feature tread lightly and nurture the local wildlife. Hillstowe is an example of this; as a community nestled in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, they take extra steps to reduce their eco-footprint in both the building of homes and their inclusion of parklands. The Envirodevelopment scheme not only aims to nurture vibrant, cohesive communities; it lists specific steps to reduce their environmental impact.


Great for Kids

For families looking for fun without breaking the bank, parks give children a chance to learn and be active. While your little ones give you a break from the usual routine as they spend time in the playground, they are also releasing their energy and socialising with children their age. Rather than simply providing a structure for kids to jump, climb and slide on, play equipment being outside and playing in nature is crucial for a child’s healthy motor development. Nature improves focus and mental health, as well as teaching children to regulate their emotions as they play.


Promotes Wellness

Parks are a clear reflection of a community’s quality of life. They provide a sense of identity for citizens and are an important factor in a community’s livability. Green spaces give community members a place to be active for free, whether it’s walking, playing sport, hiking or other forms of exercise. Trees also remove a wide variety of pollutants from the air.

Beyond the physical benefits, direct exposure to nature can reduce stress and boost happiness almost immediately. Views, such as the Dandenong Ranges, can help to restore the mind from mental fatigue as natural settings provide respite from focus-demanding tasks at school and work. Nature boosts mindfulness, cognitive function, immune responses and creativity. Having parks nearby, you have an extended backyard without the maintenance efforts such as cutting the grass and watering the plants!


If you would like to live in a neighbourhood of leafy streets and shaded gardens, against the backdrop of mountain ranges, Hillstowe is a community that will include the future one-hectare Central Park, a beautifully landscaped oasis for community gatherings, social activities, a kick about area and kids playground, all amidst birdsong and greenery.


Hillstowe is a unique community nestled in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. When you want to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and escape to your elegant new home surrounded by community-minded neighbours, Hillstowe is the place to be. Enquire about living here today.

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